One Way Vision is designed to allow printed graphics on one side yet remain 'see through' from the other side. This product is the ONLY one way perferated window film available within the printing industry.  It's a self adhesive vinyl which is coated black on the adhesive side thus allowing the other side to be digitally printed in full colour.  The black enhances the vibrancy of the printed side whilst maintaining good see through vision.

Our One Way Vision graphics are applied externally, and are very easy to install.  The window film is 150 microns in thickness which makes it stong and easier to pull up in one piece.  It's also very easy to remove once the campaign is finished, and leaves little adhesive residue.

This face film is manufactured using a polymeric vinyl which basically minimizes shrinkage. 
Depending on how long the contravision is to be in place we can offer an optically clear laminate to protect the print for campaigns lasting longer than 1 year. The laminate protects from abrasion, window cleaning chemicals and prevents dirt or water from entering the perforated holes and clogging them up. 
* Please ask about internal application of this product, it is available by using white ink technology, the graphics are printed in reverse to the rear of the clear perforated film and then a layer of white ink is added and a second layer of black ink applied. Naturally, the process is slightly more expensive than the standard externally applied films but the savings from an installation point of view could make this process worthwhile.

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