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Twist Systems
From a single banner through to large modular stands, the Twist range has the ability and versatility to fulfill any number of exhibition and display requirements, proving that this UK designed and manufactured product is still one of the most flexible, portable, modular exhibition display system.

The Twist is your ultimate, flexible display stand for exhibitions, conferences and POS, allowing you to create various configurations for any indoor event or space.
Twist Original

• Low voltage LED light.
• Patented tensioning system.
• Interchangeable graphic panel.
• 3mm powder coated steel base.
• Male and female Twist upright joining.
Twist Media

• VESA mounted screen brackets included.
   maximum screen weight 7.5kg.

• Media foot.
 Locking pin for 3 part aluminium upright.
• VESA fitted plate to attached screen to upright bracket.

Hardware bag
Graphic bag
3 part aluminium upright
Twist base available in silver, white and black
Integrated low voltage LED light
Twist Media VESA mount fitting kit
Twist Flexi-link

Developed to make virtually any stand shape you require without having to change hardware or graphics, the Flexi-link is our most popular accessory for the Twist range.

Varying heights and the ability to link an unlimited amount of both Twist Original and Media banners together, the Flexi-link panel offers the ability to create backdrops and exhibition displays that are not only unique and strong, but are also easy to assemble and transport.
Image shows Twist 3 Panel kit including Media upgrade and Twist Counter Accessory
Twist 3 Panel Kit

• Integrated low voltage LED light.
• Patented tensioning system.
• 550mm x 2000mm wide interchangeable
  Flexi-link graphic panel.

• 3mm powder coated steel base.
• Key hole location.
Twist Easi-link Kit
Easi-link Mag Bars & Dowel Pins.
Available graphic widths: Straight: 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm
                                     Curved: 550mm

Available graphic heights: 2000mm, 2250mm, 2700mm

Packed weight: 25kg (includes graphics at standard height)
Twist Accessories
Twist Double case conversion.                     Twist Single case conversion.
Twist Hardcase.
Twist Double case counter top & Twist Single case counter top
colour options - Beech, White or Black.
Twist Counter

• Twist Counter shown integrated with Twist Original.
• Counter hardware inclusive of 15mm thick counter top and
  optional 8mm thick shelf available measuring 800mm x 150mm

• Counter with graphic wrap.
• Choice of beech, white or black counter tops.

Twist Shelf

• Graphic aperture cuts as required.
• 8mm thick shelf available measuring 800mm x 150mm in beech, white or black.
• Twist Shelf bracket with hand tightening nuts to allow for easy height adjustment.
• Twist Shelf with maximum spread load of 2kg and a maximum of 3 shelves per
Examples of use
Twist 3 Panel Kit

• 2x Twist Original
• 1x Twist Flexi-Link
Twist Single case conversion

3x Graphic panels
1x Case graphic

Twist 3x2 Shell Scheme

 3x Twist Original
2x Twist Flexi-Link

5x Graphic panels

Twist 3x2 Shell Scheme

 4x Twist Original
 1x Twist Media 
• 1x Twist Flexi-Link
Twist Single case conversion
 Twist Counter

6x Graphic panels
• 1x Case graphic
• 1x Counter graphic

Twist 3x2 Shell Scheme

 4x Twist Original
4x Twist Flexi-Link
Twist Single case conversion

9x Graphic panels
• 1x Case graphic